Need that summer Energy Boost?

December 19th, 2016


Summer is finally here, we definitely don’t want you missing out on all those parties, road trips, beach days and whatever you love getting up to! To keep you energised and fuller for longer throughout the holiday season, grab a delicious smoothie with a protein hit! Check out our ‘Protein & Energy’ range to see what’s on offer.

Protein Supreme_272x272

Protein Supreme

Get an energy boost with the supreme blend of Banana, muesli, dates, honey, coconut water, coconut milk, whey protein, chia, cinnamon & ice + Immunity and vita boosters (30.1g of protein in an original size).

weekend warrior_272x272

Weekend Warrior

The ultimate post work-out, post party or just generally awesome smoothie! A healthy mix of banana, blueberries, oats, dates, coconut water, whey protein, chia & ice (21.1g of protein in an original size).