Find Your Perfect Matcha!

01st May 2017

We love all fruit and vegetables equally and we want our customers to love fruit as much as we do! Sooo… we’re also giving you the chance to FIND your perfect matcha! You could WIN a trip to Japan to live in perfect matcha-mony with the fruit of your dreams. Visit our Facebook page until 28 May 2017, to start chatting, collect vouchers and see which fruit is your perfect match-a! What are you waiting for?

Meet our new Tropical Matcha Smoothie: your new friend with benefits. Made from the highest quality 100% Matcha green tea powder (our antioxidant powerhouse), coconut water, whole blended banana, green grapes, apple, spinach and pineapple with coconut milk and ice. Get some good in you with a Tropical Matcha today!


Matcha Green Tea^, Coconut Water, Banana, Green Grapes, Apple, Spinach, Pineapple, Coconut Milk & Ice

^Matcha green tea contains caffeine so is not suitable for children.

The Nitty-Gritty per 100mL
Matcha Green Tea Smoothie 610mL

Matcha Green Tea Smoothie Nutritional Information