23rd February 2017

Choose from the irresistible Chocolate, lip smacking Peanut Butter or the brand spanking new mouth watering Cashew & Cacao Protein Balls! These little protein pick me ups are packed full of delicious goodness!

Boost Protein Balls are a good source of energy that will keep you going through the day, so grab your energy Boost with a protein ball today!

Cashew & Cacao Protein Ball Ingredients:
Dark Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter & Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin)), Cashew Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Dates, Honey, Whey Protein Concentrate (Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin)).

Traces of peanut, tree nut, and products derived from soy and milk.

Nitty Gritty (per 40g serving):
Energy Kilojoules 685kJ
Protein 6.2g
Fat Total less than 9.2g
Fats Saturated less than 2.1g
Carbohydrate Total 12.9g
Carbohydrate Sugars 10.7g
Sodium 6mg

Choc Protein Ball Ingredients:
Biscuit Crumbs (Wheat Flour, Sugar, Canola Oil, Salt & Rising Agent), Unsalted Butter (Pasteurised Cream, Water), Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk & Lecithin), Condensed Milk (Milk & Sugar), Almond Meal, Cocoa Powder,Fine Coconut, Coconut Oil, Honey, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Kernels & Rolled Oats.

Nuts, gluten, soy, dairy and added milk minerals (calcium).

Nitty Gritty (per 32g serving):
Energy Kilojoules 717kJ
Protein 5.18g
Fat Total less than 12.4g
Fats Saturated 7.81g
Carbohydrate Total 9.31g
Carbohydrate Sugars 5.31g
Dietary Fibre 1.41g
Sodium 24mg

Peanut Butter Protein Ball Ingredients:
Peanut Butter, Honey, Oats, Flaxseed, Whey Protein, Cranberries & Chocolate Chips (Vegetable Fat, Cocoa, Whey Powder, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Salt & Flavours).

Nuts, gluten, soy, dairy, peanuts and bee pollen.

Nitty Gritty (per 40g serving):
Energy Kilojoules 805kJ
Protein 7.7g
Fat Total less than 11.7g
Fats Saturated 2g
Carbohydrate Total 12.4g
Carbohydrate Sugars 1g
Sodium 60mg