Yummy tricks to the perfect kids smoothie

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with smoothies because not only are they convenient but also they’re a great way to get some fruit and veg into you when you’re on the run! We also believe they’re a great option for kids especially when they’re fussy about what they eat, that’s why we’ve created a range of smoothies perfect for the littlest of customers.

In order to create the range we did a whole lot of testing and trialling with kids to find out how we could make yummy tasting smoothies that we’re made of just fruit and veg, giving mum and dad peace of mind when out and about. We thought we would share our top three secrets to making the perfect smoothie for kids.

1.Start with the ingredients kids love

You’ll notice that each of our new smoothies feature an ingredient. This makes it a lot easier for you to get the your little one to try something new because their familiar with the taste and are more likely to give it a shot.

2.Use whole fruit and veg

Blending up whole fruit and veg means not only are you getting the fibre from the ingredients you’re using, but it also keeps your little one feeling fuller for longer.

3.Keep it simple

Stick to a small number of ingredients that won’t confuse the palette too much. After you select that core ingredient, bring together others fruits/veg that will help amplify the taste but not overtake it.

Healthy choices for kids is so important and sets them up for a bright future. That’s why with no added sugar and some sneaky veg is 2 of the smoothies, you and the kids will be yelling out YUM after the first sip!