Let’s change your mind about protein

Let’s get one thing straight, having a diet high in protein will not miraculously give you muscles. In fact, most of us eat more than enough protein and we’re not all walking around with button bursting muscles – so that’s a myth we can bust.

And another myth protein is not just found in a concentrated powder, it’s a macronutrient that is found in many of the foods we eat, from meat to beans and legumes. And no, it doesn’t just assist in helping you build muscles. In fact, protein helps in almost every single process in your body.

“How does it help my body function?” we hear you ask.

Put simply protein is made up of amino acids that are chemically bound together. When your body digests protein, it breaks down into these amino acids which can then be used to make new proteins including hormones that for example help with that adrenalin rush.

According to Better Health Victoria, there are three main ways our bodies use amino acids:

Protein Synthesis

Precursors of other compounds


Since much of our body is made up of proteins (i.e. hair, skin & nails) – it helps create new proteins.

Generating chemical reactions that produce another compound. Aka – feeling happy? Well that’s the serotonin chemical taking place.

10% of our bodies energy comes from protein, the rest is mainly carbohydrates.

What does all this mean?

It means protein is for everybody!! It may help with:

  • Keeping you feeling fuller
  • Keeping your hair and nails strong
  • Keeping your body producing hormones
  • Muscle repair and yes if you’re looking for some nice lean muscles, then protein may help too
  • Burning fat.

Now that you know all about protein don’t go loading your shaker with your favourite protein powder, because our bodies don’t store protein. So, replenishing your protein bank thought the day is a better option. How much more do you love protein now?!