The Boost Story

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About Boost: Australia’s favourite Juice Bar

Boost Juice is Australia’s most loved juice bar and a true Australian success story.

Founded by adventurer and suburban mum, Janine Allis, in 2000, the brand is now operating in more countries than any other juice bar in the world.

The business has squeezed and blended its way through thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and veg every year, including over 2000 tonnes of watermelons, 49 million blueberries and 3 million bananas a year in Australia alone.

That passion for healthy, fresh taste has translated into over $2 billion in global sales since inception, delivering fresh juice and smoothies with Boost’s signature “love life” philosophy in 17 countries.

Where it all began

During a trip to the US in 1999, Janine noticed the juice and smoothie category was booming. And yet there was hardly a juice bar to be found in Australia – despite our warm climate and health conscious, outdoorsy lifestyle.

Janine caught the plane home to Australia with the seed of an idea sprouting in her mind. She’d been keen to start her own business for a while but previous forays into publishing and touring comedians hadn’t captured her imagination.

This was different. As a working mum of active kids and a bit of a health nut, Janine was an advocate for living a healthy balanced lifestyle. Fresh juice bars were something she could get excited about.

She studied the local retail sector and saw there were very few healthy fast food choices in the Aussie market at the time. This backed up her own experiences of trying without much luck to find a healthy snack on the go while shopping with the family.

After doing her homework, she began developing a business concept that was unlike anything else in the world. Her vision was to do retailing differently and create a unique customer experience based on her “love life” philosophy. Just a few short months later, Boost was born.

“The vision is simple: Every Customer will leave a Boost Juice Bar feeling just that little bit better”


Getting her hands dirty

Janine was very hands-on with the business right from the outset; developing the structures, business plan and ethics that have been the backbone of Boost store since.

But she not only worked on the strategy, she actually opened the first store in Adelaide and ran it – doing everything from making the drinks and serving customers right down to scrubbing the floors.

“I really learned the business from the ground up. It meant I was continually developing and growing it and that was incredibly valuable when we started thinking about the next one.”
– Janine Allis

The decision to open the first store in Adelaide was a pragmatic one: a smaller market offered less financial risk. It also showed early indications of her vision to expand.

By her own admission, Janine never intended to open just one store but even she had no inkling of how big the brand would become. She just jumped in and went for it, brazenly going where accountants feared to tread and refusing to take no for an answer.

Audacious moves

While Janine is a bold operator, she said the diabolical force that first turbo-charged the business’s growth was her husband, Jeff. He looked after the leasing and signing up of stores but had no idea of the logistics involved in actually opening and running one. When the business had just two stores open, Jeff happily committed to opening another twenty – a Herculean task – and blithely handed the job of delivering to Janine.

Janine immediately showed the kind of spirit that has made Boost the business it is today. She rose to the occasion and made it happen.

“Boost has a can-do attitude. We don’t believe in the word ‘try’ because that means I’ll give myself permission not to succeed. You don’t try, you just do it.”
– Janine Allis

Janine said this was the secret to Boost’s success. Many times through Boost’s journey, a no was converted to a yes simply by sticking at it and remaining positive.

“If you go in with a positive attitude you can do anything,” she said.

As the business grew, it became increasingly important to ensure that the team hired to support the growth had the same can-do spirit to help the operation thrive.

“If they don’t have the right cultural fit, it can destroy everything you’ve built,” Janine said. “But once you’ve put the right people in place, everything is easy.”

Spreading the vibe

Janine learned that she needed quality people who had the ownership mentality to be able to grow. Franchising fit the bill beautifully and was a fantastic way to grow the business while maintaining the same consistent, high quality experience for customers.

For Boost, bringing in a new franchisee is so much more than just a business transaction; it’s a genuine partnership and the same principles of cultural fit apply.

“Our franchise partners are such an important part of the Boost family – they are literally the face of the brand in their local area,” Janine said. “Their success is our success and vice versa so it’s really important for us to take care of them and do everything we can to help them succeed.”

Catching the eye of investors

Boost has been a consistent darling on the investment circuit, catching the eye of the right people at the right moment to ensure impressive growth.

Early investors were Flight Centre founder Geoff Harris, entrepreneurial Melbourne family, the Besens, and investor Rod Young. In 2010, Riverside Company became the first major investment group to buy a significant stake in the business. Bain Capital bought them out in 2014.

Each new wave of investment has enabled the business to move on to ever more impressive growth goals.

Taking over the world

Boost now has outlets in more countries than any other juice bar in the world, with over 350 stores operating in 17 countries.

The brand has been a retail phenomenon, growing by an average of two countries and 30 stores a year for the past 4 years.

Built on a strong marketing and operations foundation, Boost is a global brand that has found its niche and continues to capture the hearts and imaginations of customers around the world with its “love life” philosophy – whether they’re in tropical Singapore or snowy Estonia.

The future

Janine’s passion continues to flow through the brand and her excitement at expanding into new territories remains as fresh as the day she opened the first store in Adelaide.

And Boost continues to grow at an impressive rate under the direction of Scott Meneilly CEO of Boost Juice . Somewhere in the world, a Boost store is opening every one and a half weeks; and new countries are always on the horizon. The story is far from over for this amazing Aussie success story.