A bit about Australia's favourite juice and smoothie bar

The Boost Juice Story

Back in 2000, a woman with no business experience – but unlimited passion and family support – opened her first juice bar in Adelaide.

The idea was brilliantly simple: make healthy living tasty and fun.

The woman was Australian adventurer and entrepreneur Janine Allis. The bar was Boost Juice – now one of the most popular and loved juice and smoothie brands across the globe, with over 580 stores across 13 different countries and counting.


Boost from the beginning.

Today, the world can’t get enough of Boost Juice. The brand’s winning combination of fresh fruit and veg, tasty products and innovative marketing campaigns has been a remarkable success story.

But there’s no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

On a trip to the United States back in 1999, something caught Janine's attention. Everyone was into healthy smoothies and fresh juices - while in Australia, the fast food market was uninspiring and unhealthy. Janine had just had her third son and, like many young mothers, wanted more flexibility to run her own race..

“The vision was simple: every customer will leave a Boost Juice store feeling just that little bit better.”

Janine and husband Jeff developed a retail concept different to anything the world had seen before. Founded on Janine's 'love life' philosophy, Boost Juice would offer a unique customer experience around happy, healthy living and delicious products.

Operating from her kitchen table in Melbourne, Janine consulted nutritionists and naturopaths to create a menu free from preservatives and artificial colours and flavourings.

Just one problem: the banks wouldn’t touch a business that just sold liquid. But as they say, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Or juices and smoothies, as the case may be.

Growing Strong

They say success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. And who’s going to argue with that? Little did Janine know that her plan to not work a 40-hour week would actually mean working a 100-hour week, with no money coming in for a good three years.

But hard work is often rewarded, and the success of the first King William St store allowed Janine and Jeff to open three new sites – including two in one day.

Sometimes, the best way to learn is to jump in at the deep end, and that’s exactly what happened next. Janine and Jeff signed on for 28 leases at Westfield Shopping Centres. It meant a personal liability of over $5 million and a deadline to open every store in just 18 months. Thanks to sheer determination and amazing franchise partners, it happened on time and on budget.

Just three years later, Janine purchased rival chain Viva Juice and sold the rebranded stores to franchise partners.

“Boost has a can-do attitude. We don’t believe in the word ‘try’ because that means I’ll give myself permission to not succeed. You don’t try. You just do it.”
– Janine Allis

Boost Juice is now Australia’s favourite juice and smoothie bar, and continues to win some of the most coveted awards in the industry!

A love for life infuses everything we do

“Boost has a can-do attitude. We don’t believe in the word ‘try’ because that means I’ll give myself permission to not succeed. You don’t try. You just do it.”
Janine Allis

It’s a philosophy that has taken us far. Building one of Australia’s most well-loved brands was never going to be easy. But thanks to a positive outlook, hard work and the help of extraordinary people, Boost has grown to over 580 stores worldwide.

Boost Juice has come a long way from its humble beginnings. But one thing hasn’t changed – our commitment to health, fun and loving life.


We’re not just here to give customers great tasting smoothies and juices. We want to share our energy, passion and ‘love life’ philosophy, and make sure every customer leaves feeling just that little bit better.