Boost around the World


Dream big, grow bigger!

Amazing to think that a Boost Juice Bar that opened in Adelaide in 2000 has grown into such a huge world wide success – with over 350 stores internationally and in Australia – and growing!

Boost Juice has had a growth platform on average of 2 countries and opened 30 stores a year for the last 4 years.  It is an amazing retail phenomenon with a group turnover exceeding $AUD195,000,000 in 2014 and increasing each year.


Universal appeal for healthy alternatives growing

Across the world, consumers are faced with the same concerns regarding their health. Like Australia, many countries are stuck with the usual traditional options for food and drinks on the go – which are contributing to obesity and other global health issues.

Providing a unique retail experience, that’s consistent, fun and reliable – with great healthy, products means that Boost Juice has been a soaring success internationally.

Growth in Australia was expected early on, as market demand was high. The even greater joy has been seeing new countries, such as India, Estonia, UK and South Africa completely fall in love with Boost Juice. It really is becoming one of the world’s most famous and loved brands.


Master Franchisees are blending up a storm -and plenty of Mango Magics and Banana Buzzes – in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa


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It’s the entire experience – of walking in, ordering and being there that people love. It’s a completely unique retail concept.

The love life attitude of the staff, the easy ordering system, the bright colorful store environment and the fun music – it just works!

Really listening and responding means Customisation and localisation has been extremely successful.

Each country has slight variations in how the brand is positioned and Boost has responded to this with sensitivity. Listening and understanding each market is what sets Boost Juice apart from any competitors.


Overall Cool Factor

Boost Juice Bars offers a healthy alternative to fast food, which is encompassed in a brand perceived to be as ‘cool’ as Apple® by young customers.