Crush on these REAL Crushes!

04th December 2017

Cool down with an icy cold crush!

How goooooood is a crush when the heat is crazy high?! And how much does it suck when you’ve run out of ice and can’t make your own. Fear not, we’ve got you covered this summer with Real Crushes! It’s what we do. Come and say hi and try any of these three tasty options.

NEW Cheeky Mango Crush

The Cheeky Mango Crush has the perfect tropical fruit salad hit. It’s just not summer without it.

Ingredients: Mango, orange, kiwi fruit, tropical juice, sorbet and ice.

Watermelon Crush

There’s nothing quite like juicy watermelon when you need a cool, fresh fix!

Ingredients: Freshly juice watermelon, tropical juice, sorbet and ice.

Berry Crush

Berries alone are not only full of flavour but are packed with antioxidants!

Ingredients Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, apple juice, sorbet and ice.