MANGO King of Fruits!

25th February 2019
In Boost country, Mango is King, and these are our new crown jewels…
Introducing the all NEW and insanely delicious Banana Mango Bling, OJ Mango Dazzle and Raspberry Mango Glitz!
  • Banana Mango Bling: Banana, mango, mango nectar, mango yoghurt & ice
  • OJ Mango Dazzle: Mango, freshly squeezed orange, mango yoghurt, sorbet & ice
  • Raspberry Mango Glitz: Raspberries, mango, mango nectar, vanilla yoghurt & ice
What are you waiting for? Give your tastebuds the royal treatment and try one or try them all! Head into Boost today. We always love seeing you!  
Good As Gold!
And for those royal, loyal lychee lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you! We have crafted an equally delicious Midas Mango Lychee smoothie that is as good as gold. Well we think so.
  •  Midas Mango Lychee: Mango nectar, mango, lychee, Greek yoghurt and ice
This drink is only available at selected stores and for a limited time.