Super Fruity

30th December 2019
Super fruity

Feeling the heat? Got the post-Christmas feasting blues? Not quite ready to jump onto those new year’s resolutions? We thought you might be.

Luckily we’ve blended up all the super fruitiest ingredients into 3 NEW seriously mouth-watering smoothies! And with an extra boost of superfoods Kale, Blueberry and Acai! Now you can grab an icy cold thirst quencher that gives you a super fresh hit while you get ready to take on 2020!

Super Fruity Drink Range

  • Acai All Day – Acai, banana, tropical juice, muesli, vanilla yoghurt & ice
  • Keen For Green – Banana, mango, kale, spinach, coconut water, coconut milk, honey, sorbet, vanilla yoghurt & ice
  • Wild Blueberry – Blueberries, lychees, tropical juice, sorbet, vanilla yoghurt & ice

What are you waiting for? Try one or try them all! Head into Boost today and say hi.

Acai All Day Nitty Gritty Keen for Green Nitty Gritty Wild Blueberry Nitty Gritty

Super Fruity Allergens