Watermelon Dayze

08th January 2024

Rolling two weeks deep into the summer holidays. It might be Monday. It might be Friday. Makes no difference to us — we’ve got watermelon and we’re not thinking twice. In fact, we’re not thinking at all.  

Let’s go. It’s this wayze to the Watermelon Dayze… Introducing three NEW watermelon drinks:

Pomegranate Crayze – Refreshing watermelon with a tangy hit of pomegranate and raspberry.

Freshly juiced watermelon, pomegranate juice, raspberries, strawberry yoghurt, sorbet & ice.

Peach Hayze – Delicious flavours of sweet watermelon with a subtle undertone of floral peach.

Freshly juiced watermelon, peach, mango nectar, sorbet & ice.

Tropical Rayze – An incredible tropical combination of watermelon, mango & pineapple.

Freshly juiced watermelon, mango, pineapple, strawberry yoghurt, sorbet & ice.

Here for a short time while the dayze are long.

Don’t ask questions, it’s summertime.

We don’t make the rules.

Terms and Conditions:  

Available at participating Boost stores for a limited time. Check out boostjuice.com.au for full ingredients, allergens, and nutritional information. Peach Hayze suitable for vegans. Although Vegan products are made using plant-based ingredients, there may be traces of animal products due to potential cross-contamination in store or during the external manufacturing process of the ingredients used in such products.